The Office of Professionalism and Ethics was established by the university to serve as a single, centralized resource for all complaint monitoring and investigations. The Office is led by vice president Michael Blanton, who has a direct line of access to the president and to the chair of the audit and compliance committee of the Board of Trustees.

The structure gives the Office of Professionalism and Ethics independence and transparency and ensures that any complaint or report registered by a member of the university community will be investigated, tracked, and adjudicated fairly and as quickly as possible.

Centralized tracking adds a new capacity for the university, allowing the administration to draw connections where they exist, respond more swiftly when necessary and evaluate trends and high-risk situations.

In investigating complaints, the Office of Professionalism and Ethics has direct oversight of the following investigatory arms: the Title IX office, Office of Equity and Diversity, the Office of Conduct, Accountability, and Professionalism, and Athletic Compliance.

What can be reported through this site?

Safety and security issues (non-emergency); harassment and/or discrimination in the workplace; code of conduct and compliance breaches; theft; fraud, waste and/or abuse; and ethical or conflict of interest violations may all be reported through this site.