Post-Investigation Process

While the Office of Professionalism and Ethics oversees the intake, monitoring, and investigation of all complaints, it does not decide or impose discipline. This holds true for faculty, staff, and students. Each constituent follows the university’s policies for disciplinary processes, which may vary depending on the nature of the complaint and the group to which the respondent belongs.

Staff disciplinary process

For staff, when disciplinary action is required, the Office of Professionalism and Ethics, or the investigative offices within its purview, sends its investigation results to the vice president of human resources for a disciplinary decision. All appeals are resolved by the senior vice president for administration.

Student disciplinary process

For students, in cases where the Office of Professionalism and Ethics conducts an investigation, OPE, or the investigative offices under its purview, sends its investigation results to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (SJACS). This office is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the university’s student conduct system, and guarantees a battery of procedural protections for students. These include written notice of a complaint; a fair, impartial, and timely review of the incident; the right to inspect any documents and relevant information on file; the opportunity to be present at the review and to present witnesses and evidence; the right to an advisor; and a formal written decision following the complaint. All appeals are handled by situation-specific appeals panels, which issue decisions that are automatically reviewed (and approved or modified) by the vice president for student affairs. The vice president’s decisions are final and binding on all parties.